Frequently Asked Questions

Pallavi is the most expeditious growing school franchise in Telangana mostly in the twin cities Hyderabad and Secunderabad.Pallavi is established with a motto to fill the gap that subsists in preschool inculcation. As we know that the preschool years are consequential for every child to have an effulgent future

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do i get started if i am interested ?

    You can establish a Pallavi Kidz Play School franchise with a small investment through our well-orchestrated, guided franchise program. We provide total support and guidance to our franchise partners through our administrative online/offline implements.

  • What is provided as a part of the Pallavi Franchise system?

    We provide franchise owners and staff, including Center Directors and Education Directors, with comprehensive pre-opening training at our headquarters. YOU CAN MANAGE YOUR CENTRE AT THE CLICK OF A BUTTON ! Our Coordinator Calendar makes it easy for you to schedule & plan the academic year from the curriculum & academic point of view. Teaching Development Modules Schedule, Curriculum workshops schedule, Ongoing center specific modules, Special, Events and Field Trips plans, Performance Evaluation Process for teachers, Parent Induction Guide, Parent Teacher Meet Guide Admission Toolkit: Ready brochure; sample kit with CDs/videos

  • How much am i looking to invest in a Pallavi franchise?

    The initial investment is dependent on the model of the Pre-School and could vary based on location and other factors.A one time initial investment will be in the range of INR.12,00,000/- to INR.15,00,000/- The initial investment would be towards ambience and equipment costs. Franchisee will have to invest in capital and working capital for this project. To know more about project financials, please speak to our Franchisee Coordinator.

  • How much area is required to start up a Pallavi franchise?

    The franchisee should have minimum 2000 – 3000 sq.ft carpet area in a residential location in the city. Preferably independent villa or bungalow (On ground floor) with separate boundary wall along with outdoor play area. For Model/ International school minimum 2 acres of land is required as per CBSE Bye- Laws.

  • What curriculum is followed in your pre-schools, model and international schools?

    It is a well balanced blend of Montessori, Wockhardt and Froebel methodologies for Pre-School and CBSE curriculum for Model/International schools.

  • What is the term of the franchise agreement?

    The initial term of your franchise agreement for Preschool/ Model School is 5 years, with successor agreement option, extendable for 5 years. For International schools the franchise term would be for a minimum period of 10 years, with an additional successor agreement option of another 10 years.

  • Are there any ongoing fees paid to the franchiser?

    Don't you worry about royalty payments if you have signed up for preschools franchise, we will give you relaxation time till your “Income minus Operational expenses” becomes zero. The total fees collected allows us to fund our ongoing support services and the continued development of marketing tools, training programs, curriculum updates and additional systems upgrade.

  • What experience do i need to become a Pallavi school franchise owner?

    Though some experience in the children’s education field could be beneficial, it is not required. You should, however, show a true interest in educating children. We are seeking franchisees who will ideally be committed to the daily operations of their local Pallavi kidz center, and who have solid business skills and significant ties to the local community. We also look for franchise owners with suitable management skills, the ability to develop a strong operations team within their franchised business, and who can demonstrate honesty,integrity, and strong work. Initial setup responsibilities will be taken care of by the franchisee, however, we will guide and support throughout the process.

  • What is the time duration to start and operate after sign up date?

    Usually it takes 60-90 days maximum to start our Preschool school operations, but for model/ international school franchise, it depends on size of the project.

  • What will be the process of teachers’ training?

    BRINGING OUT THE BEST IN YOUR TEACHING STAFF! High quality ongoing teacher professional training to ensure learning & development in the context of our curriculum goals, Comprehensive training, Constant observations & evaluation, Teacher manual: detailed deck with month-wise plans Day Plans : - 18 day plans per month, 1 month plans > 350-550 pages, Supporting notes: how/ when/ where to use kit equipment Curriculum Highlights: curriculum overview, execution plan, assessment structure, development check-list and overall school calendar


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