Franchise Training & Support

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Franchise Training & Support

Franchisees take part in an in-depth, two-week training program at our headquarters. In this training we’ll lay out the details on how to run a pallavi franchise — from record keeping, to enrolling new families, to hiring academic staff and more, and more. By the time your training is complete, you should feel prepared to return to your school and hit the ground running.

Our assistance doesn’t end there. We’ll spend closely another two weeks with you, helping you apply what you’ve learned to prepare for a successful grand opening. Franchisees can also look forward to ongoing training and professional development to keep them up-to-date on best practices.

Training & Support

We Support Our Franchisees

Having experience in education isn’t necessary to open a Pallavi franchise, because we provide our franchisees with comprehensive training and support. Not only do we teach you how to run a Pallavi franchise, we provide you with support resources to simplify operations whenever possible. Learn more about our franchise training and support, here.

  • Teacher Training and Support

    • Initial training to the new teachers immediately after their recruitment at our corporate office.
    • Workshops will be arranged on cutting edge learning approaches on a regular basis.
    • Teachers are observed on a regular basis by our R&D team.

  • Operations Support

    • Planning and implementing the ramp up of school infrastructure.
    • Guidance in obtaining all the necessary permissions from all the state and central government bodies.
    • Assistance in School Fee finalization.
    • Admission kits and student kits.
    • Process Manuals and Statutory resources

  • Academics

    • Our R & D team is responsible for creating and implementing the curriculum and teaching methodologies.
    • We provide teacher manuals, activity sheets, flash cards, videos and all the required resources.
    • Summer camp, sports day and annual day plans.
    • Our R&D team comprises of qualified and experienced teachers, educators, research scholars, curriculum developers and child psychologists.

  • Branding & Marketing

    • We will provide tried and tested marketing plan strategies.
    • Collateral designs for all the marketing activities.
    • Digital Marketing strategy and social media support.
    • Detailed launch plan and PR support

  • HR and Finance

    • Recruitment of Principals & Counsellors.
    • We will provide 5 years tentative ROI.
    • Advisory support for the maintenance of accounts, fund management, finance and MIS.
    • School audits

  • IT Support

    • School specific website
    • Regular posting and upgrading the website
    • Creation of domain specific email ids
    • Creation of Social media pages - Facebook

A Ready-Made

Entrepreneurial Opportunity

It can take an independent owner years to develop an efficient and effective business model. Pallavi Team has already done the legwork for you, so all you need to worry about is mastering our systems by fully leveraging our training program and support resources. Compared to independent owners, our franchisees save time, money, and hassle.

The Best Services

You can be confident that you’re offering in-demand, research-based curriculum that’s proven to be effective. As we learn more about education, you can count on us to keep your team updated on best practices and new techniques.

Well-Designed Operations Procedures

We know what it takes to keep our locations running smoothly. From time-saving software to streamlined safety procedures, our franchisees don’t need to reinvent the wheel when it comes to operations

Built-In Support

Our franchisees never need to worry about going it alone. Once their Pallavi school location is up and running, our experienced team will continue supporting their growing business and provide ongoing training.